Our Service

Management Consulting

Accounting System Advisory Services

  • Internal control system design, review, coaching implementation and consulting
  • Internal Audit System Design, Review, Coaching Implementation and Consulting
  • Simplified Accounting System and Design of Main Control Programs for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Organization Planning and Profit Center System Planning and Coaching
  • Cost Center Establishment and Cost Accounting System Planning and Tutorial Implementation

Management System Consultancy Service

  • Corporate transformation and operational process improvement
  • Corporate Fitness Diagnosis and Improvement
  • Organization planning
  • Operational process design and improvement
  • Management System Design and Improvement
  • Design and implementation of enterprise regeneration project

Other Management Consultancy Services

  • Budget system design
  • Operational Program Counselling
  • Organization Planning and Human Resource Management Consulting Services
  • Talent recruitment and selection service
  • Salary bonus system and employee benefits research and planning
  • The design and planning of the method of employee dividends
  • Corporate personnel retirement system design, consultant
  • Labor and capital coordination consultation
  • Overall assessment of corporate alliances and mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate Education Training Design and Implementation
  • Other related business management planning and consulting