Our Service

Financial Consulting

Investment Advisor

  • Investment plan feasibility analysis
  • Investment plan financing plan
  • Investment Plan Selection and Research Analysis
  • Assist in the preparation and review of investment plans
  • Formulating forward-looking merger and acquisition strategies
  • Assist in seeking domestic or international partners or mergers and acquisitions
  • Conduct financial and legal review of investment objects, analyze investment risks, and issue review opinions
  • Assist in assessing the value of securities and businesses
  • Analyze the impact on accounting and taxation of the proposed transaction
  • Plan the structure, strategic objectives and expected tax effect of the transaction
  • Formulate negotiation strategies, trade prices and assist in closing deals
Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analysis
  • Capital budget and establishment of financial early warning system
  • Selection planning and feasibility assessment of financing channels
  • Preparation of Business Plan for Loans Required by Financial Institutions
  • Assess or assist in handling and review financial project or investment project work
  • Other financial consulting services