Our Service

Why Us

Regardless of the size of the cases appointed by the clients, all of us will provide professional knowledge and excellent services. The specialists are responsible for in-depth understanding of the needs of customers and the core issues, and tailoring the best solutions.

We built a computer host and introduced an information security management system. In addition to the construction of an instant double backup system, we have a remote storage system and a cloud storage system to form the safest and most reliable information protection network. Apply information technology to safeguard customer information security and provide customers with the most up-to-date financial information.

We are deeply aware of the fundamental differences between SMEs and large-scale enterprises, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises, to provide services that meet their needs, and to be more customer-oriented, to apply fair and reasonable fees, and to help enterprises easily solve accounting, taxation, and business Registration and other annoying problems effectively reduce operating costs and assist the company in sustainable development.


While Taiwanese company go international, Taiwan also attracts foreign investors. In order to serve our client internationally/globally, we joined CAS International, and signed MOU, cooperation memorandum with our Cambodia, Vietnam counterparts, to provide a financial/tax profession service network for our clients internationally. And base on our profession and network, we also provide service for foreign clients in Taiwan. For example, we provide bookkeeping service for German branch/subsidiary in Taiwan, payroll lodgment service for India company, Hong Kong people Invest Migrant to Taiwan, foreign employees tax submission service…etc,.